About Us

About us – Woodchurch Morris Men, who started dancing together in 1990, are proud to perpetuate this ancient tradition that was once “Merrie England” personified. Now, in the 21st century, with times of change the Morris Dancer, with his hat and pint pot in hand, is ever an icon of Englishness, along with the country pub, the village fair and cricket on the green.

We hope you enjoy our performances. We dance in the Cotswold style, lively dances from the Home Counties unchanged as we know for many generations. Our main activity is to dance on a Friday night at a welcoming real ale pub, where we will be rewarded with a good pint for our efforts. Should you chance upon us as we dance, remember this is our living history and simply by watching and applauding you too are taking part. If you are kind enough to contribute when the hat is passed around then you can be assured of good luck, long life, and the option of extra fertility!

We, of course, support venues where our dancing may help to raise money for local charities or indeed anywhere if there is a chance of free beer. We make contributions to charities of our choice and our collection goes a long way to help with our donations.